Kingsway Christian School Johannesburg, South Africa

Kingsway Christian School started in 1986 with just seven children and today there are over 270 children from Grade 0 to Grade seven in classes averaging twenty five children. The school premises are currently located on the grounds of the Honeyridge Baptist Church and consist of prefabricated buildings. There is a vision to build a new school next to the Zandspruit Informal Settlement where the majority of children who attend the school live.

The school began because a group of concerned people realized just how many children in the area were spending their lives on the street with little or no prospect of leading a better life. The levels of poverty that hinder many of the young people of South Africa, as well as the shortages of quality primary educational institutions within peri-urban areas, are two of the leading reasons for the establishment of Kingsway School.

Kingsway School seeks to address the lack of the type of educational support that takes into account the whole person in a nurturing, committed and stable environment. Children in Honeydew find themselves in this disadvantaged situation and Kingsway School seeks to address this gap in the children’s lives.

The children, mainly come from the Zandspruit Informal Settlement, are provided with quality Christian schooling. Not only do they receive an excellent education but they are provided with daily meals and health care. The school also provides parcels for needy families.

The school has a staff of 16 full-time teachers, including a remedial teacher, a social worker and many volunteer helpers. The teaching staff are fully qualified as well as caring and committed and who share the vision of Kingsway School. As the fees are kept as low as possible this results in staff being willing to accept lower salary than they could receive in government or other private schools.

In Partnership with New Beginnings Uganda

In January 2016 New Beginnings Primary School and Nursery opened. This school provides an education not only to the children at New Beginnings, but also to the children living in the local area. These families live a life of poverty; they live in mud huts with grass thatched roofs and struggle to feed their children. Sadly, providing an education was not a priority, or even a possibility for these families until the school was opened. Now, through sponsorship, these children have the opportunity to receive a high quality education and have a hope for a brighter future. There are 15 Ugandan teachers at the school, who are passionate about education. The reports from the first two terms have been outstanding and it’s a great blessing to know the children are working hard and getting the results they need.

"Thank you Equipped to Teach for helping to bridge the gap for teachers’ salaries; by retaining high quality, motivated educators we can provide the standard of education the children need and deserve to receive. We hope this partnership will grow from strength to strength and praise God for these blessings."

Partnering with Education4life supporting teachers at Krokoshwe Primary School Ghana

Education is key to children’s lives and yet, in the poorest areas, many children can still not attend school.

Back in 2007, in a small village called Krokoshwe, there was no school. In a village littered with potholes, children spent hours doing chores, enjoying childhood but with little hope of ever receiving an education. That year, Education4life would step in to change the lives of these children, by setting up an academy based in a church hall that would provide the children with free education. One room catered for up to 100 children; five classrooms separated by blackboards.

In 2015, work began on the new school building. The school now consists of four large classrooms and one multipurpose room and library. At weekends and during evenings, this room will also be used as a small medical visiting room with nurses.

The Education4life Academy succeeded in creating a safe environment for children to learn. The school has been fully registered with the Ghanaian Welfare Office, having complied with all rulings and regulations. The academy is also registered with the High Court, after three years hard effort, so the school and grounds are fully protected for future generations. The school provides one nutritious meal a day, as well as free uniforms and water, and has one qualified teacher so far: her role includes training other teaching staff, in addition to teaching the children.

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With your support we can make a difference for the teachers working at these Christian schools. We need people who are willing to pray and give towards their support. Your contribution will make a difference to a teacher’s life allowing them to remain at the school.

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  • What our teachers say...

    “As a teacher at this school I feel we are a family of God because there is no single day that the Lord doesn’t provide for us as teachers and learners. This is a loving family and each one of us has each other’s back. I am thankful to God for having let me be part of this school. I grow each day in my work and spiritually. The values, love and teachings that we give to the learners make one feel fulfilled. Our job is a calling and not just a career. We pray to God that He continues providing for the school.”

  • What our teachers say...

    “The reason I am passionate about teaching at Kingsway is that every day is an opportunity to tell the children about God and lead them into a relationship with Him. Over the 13 years I have taught there, I have seen God move in AMAZING ways and supplying our needs in miraculous ways. I am totally passionate about the 2 subjects I teach, computer studies and physical education, and the children also love both subjects.”

  • What our teachers say...

    “I love teaching here because it is a highly fulfilling experience. Every morning, the children greet you with faces full potential. I suppose knowing that God has given me a chance to write and leave a mark on the blank pages of their tender lives, leaves me filled with satisfaction.”