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With your support we can make a difference for the teachers working at these Christian schools. We need people who are willing to pray and give towards their support. Your contribution will make a difference to a teacher’s life allowing them to remain at the school.

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  • What our teachers say...

    “As a teacher at this school I feel we are a family of God because there is no single day that the Lord doesn’t provide for us as teachers and learners. This is a loving family and each one of us has each other’s back. I am thankful to God for having let me be part of this school. I grow each day in my work and spiritually. The values, love and teachings that we give to the learners make one feel fulfilled. Our job is a calling and not just a career. We pray to God that He continues providing for the school.”

  • What our teachers say...

    “The reason I am passionate about teaching at Kingsway is that every day is an opportunity to tell the children about God and lead them into a relationship with Him. Over the 13 years I have taught there, I have seen God move in AMAZING ways and supplying our needs in miraculous ways. I am totally passionate about the 2 subjects I teach, computer studies and physical education, and the children also love both subjects.”

  • What our teachers say...

    “I love teaching here because it is a highly fulfilling experience. Every morning, the children greet you with faces full potential. I suppose knowing that God has given me a chance to write and leave a mark on the blank pages of their tender lives, leaves me filled with satisfaction.”